Eureka Street Crypto Podcast

Episode 137 - Making your donation actually count for something with Gitcoin Grants

June 21, 2022

Good morning!  In this episode I take a gander at Gitcoin Grants and a couple of projects I donated to using a concept called quadratic funding.  It is a way to donate to make sure that everyone's vote/donation matters.  There is more weight put on the amount of different people donating to a project than one large donor.  This way, large donors are not able to manipulate outcomes just because they have to cash power.  There is a pool of funds donated by larger organizations that match individual contributors.  when lots of little contributors donate a little bit to a project, that project receives more of the pool funds than if one single large rich and powerful contributor put in one large donation.  It is a cool way to make doing a little turn out to be alot.






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